Why Not Hide A Ring On The Christmas Tree?

16 December 2010

Sometimes the best place to hide a gift is right in plain sight, and this is definitely true if you are going to buy your loved one a ladies ring for Christmas. Instead of sticking with the usual ring box and making it rather obvious what the gift will be, why not hang it on the Christmas tree instead?

If it is your normal job to put the tree up and decorate it, this gives you the perfect chance to hide the ring as you do so. Ideally you should hang a small tag from the ring with your seasonal message on it, but you don’t want this to be too obvious. Once you have bought the ring and you have a few minutes to yourself where your loved one won’t see you, find a place towards the back of the tree that is less obtrusive.

There are several ways you can attach the ring to the tree. Depending on the thickness of the branches you might be able to slide it over one of those. This works better with an artificial tree otherwise you might find pine needles dropping all over the carpet!

Another option is to slide it onto the end of a rope of tinsel. Again the sparkly nature of the ring should ensure it is hidden extremely well in plain sight. Unless she is actually looking very closely for a ring she won’t spot it at all.

A third option is to get some Christmas tree decorations that can accommodate small items inside them. Many websites and stores now do these kinds of decorations and you will find them very useful for hiding all kinds of things in them. Just be sure you remember which one has the ring in; this is especially true if you have children who think every single ball or decoration will be full of chocolate!

As you can see the idea of hiding a ladies ring on the tree in this way is actually a very good one. It won’t get lost, it makes it a more unusual way to give a gift and it doesn’t lead to having a very obvious size of box hidden under the tree. If you are planning to buy an engagement ring it could be an even better way to present it to your partner, so bear it in mind.