Taking Care of your Ladies Rings

12 February 2011

There is no doubt that many women love wearing rings. They may be wedding rings or simply dress rings of some kind. But whatever type they are, they will certainly need to be looked after.

When you buy a new ring it is a good idea to find out what is required when it comes to cleaning. Depending on what the ring is made from you may find different things are required. All jewellers and websites selling jewellery will have items you can use for cleaning your new ladie’s ring, so take a look for these as well. If you are giving the ring as a gift it can be nice to get the right cleaning products for it as well. You don’t have to hand them over at the same time that you present the ring of course, but you can do so afterwards. The extra thought will be a nice gesture.

When it comes to how regularly a ring will require cleaning, a lot will depend on how often it is worn. A wedding ring may not fare too badly for example. Ironically it will be worn all the time, but because we wash our hands frequently, do the washing up and so on, it can stay quite clean in the process.

In any case, if you are not wearing your ladies ring you should always make a point of storing it away safely. They are small and can easily be lost for starters, and of course you will also find they are liable to get dusty if left sitting around for any length of time. Invest in a good jewellery box if you have quite a lot of rings or other items of jewellery as well. It will help to keep them safe and clean.

Some precious metals are naturally more susceptible to wear than others. For example silver will tarnish over time, but it can quite easily be cleaned up again. Keep an eye on your ladie’s rings and ensure they are cleaned whenever the job needs to be done.