Princess Diana's Engagement Ring

19 November 2010

Everyone now knows that Britain’s future king, Prince William, has announced his forthcoming marriage to Kate Middleton. But one detail of the happy couple’s announcement has arguably stood out above all others.

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We’re talking about the famous engagement ring of course, the ring that comes with a notable history already. William has given his late mother’s engagement ring (the one Prince Charles gave to Diana upon their engagement) to Kate Middleton, and she has spoken highly and respectfully of the princess during an interview.

The ring is instantly recognisable as it has a large blue sapphire at its centre. Surrounded by diamonds, it is probably one of the most famous rings in royal history. The actual band the stones are attached to is very thin but the ring itself is set to take centre stage in its second royal wedding.

Originally it cost £28,500, but that was before Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981. Some say it is now worth nearly ten times that amount. Whether this is true or not remains open for speculation; some would probably say that given the history of the ring it could be priceless.

There is no doubt though of the meaning the Prince has given to his choice of engagement ring. While some think that it is a strange choice, given the eventual outcome of that particular marriage and its consequences, others see his logic in giving it to Kate. William has stated that he wants his mother to have some involvement and presence at his wedding, and since she cannot be there personally he felt the ring was the next best choice.

The ring was originally made by the jeweller Garrard, and since the news broke about the forthcoming royal wedding there have been many jewellers’ who have been asked to make replicas of the ring. It would seem that the frenzy over the royal event is already in motion, with lots of people wanting their own copy of the ring.

It remains to be seen when the wedding itself will actually take place. But for now there is no doubt the spotlight is primarily on the ring itself, and the fact that Prince William has made a fine choice in selecting it for his new bride. The eye catching and instantly familiar sapphire and diamond ring will now become famous again, for a very different reason.