Don’t Lose The Ring Under The Tree

4 November 2010

Here’s the thing – you go to all the trouble of carefully selecting a ring for your loved one for Christmas. You select it, buy it, wrap it and put it under the tree. But not surprisingly it can be incredibly easy to lose such a small package. After all a ring box is rather small and it isn’t easy to see when you’ve got lots of other larger gifts spread out under the tree as well.

So what do you do? Well it makes sense not to lose the ring obviously, so it might be worth putting it in a larger box and wrapping that to ensure it remains easily in sight. This has the added benefit of ensuring the game isn’t given away, because the last thing she’ll expect when she looks at the gift will be a ring.

You could alternatively hang it on the tree itself. Not in plain sight of course – but perhaps you could buy a tree decoration that comes in two halves and is designed to hold a special gift inside it. Tree decorations aren’t that big and they will be ideal for making sure you can fit a small ring inside them.

This is one reason for making sure you buy your ladies’ ring in plenty of time before the big day. If you leave it until the last minute you could end up with the problem of trying to figure out how best to wrap it without the gift being obvious.

Ideally you want to wait until the Christmas tree is up before you think about how to wrap the ring. If you do decide to hide it in a decoration you can keep an eye out for one and hang it out of sight while she isn’t looking. Then perhaps you could send her on a hunt around the tree for it! Another possibility is to buy some Christmas crackers to put in the branches of the tree. You could easily undo one and slide the ring inside.

There are countless possibilities for disguising a ring as well as making sure it doesn’t get lost under the mound of gifts under your tree. If you do decide to keep it in the ring box and wrap it as it is, you should hide it underneath all the other gifts near the centre of the tree. This way it is least likely to go astray.